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Now that requirements from 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT)  and other next-gen technologies have expanded so extensively, high speed and low latency capabilities in and of themselves are no longer considered cutting-edge — they are expectations. To meet these skyrocketing demands, the data center industry has shifted its approach to favor a more distributed topology, putting the edge at the center of the conversation.

The exodus to the edge of the network has stood as a defining strategy in the data center sphere for some time now. However, as new trends and infrastructure approaches continue to emerge onto the scene, one can’t help but wonder — is the edge still a hot topic?

To check in on this question, gauge business sentiments and get in touch with industry thought leadership, the Independent Data Center Alliance (IND-DCA), an industry-led group of independent data center operators with a mission of advancing the market presence of smaller providers, opened up a poll. Here are some of the answers the IND-DCA has received:

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