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The Nordics remain to be a highly favored destination for data center developments, hyperscale data center investments, and colocation providers. This overwhelming push to expand into the Nordics has increased the demand for IT outsourcing, according to Information Services Group’s (ISG) latest report. ISG Provider Lens Research is a service provider evaluation that includes empirical, data-driven research and market analysis with real-world experience and observations of ISG’s global advisory team. This specific report evaluated over 100 hybrid IT, colocation and managed hosting service providers in the Nordics, including Bulk Infrastructure.

The 2021 ISG Provider Lens Next-Gen Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Services and Solutions Report for the Nordics expressed, “The Nordic countries have emerged as global centers of technology,” and reported that the number of IT outsourcing agreements to be made in the Nordic region is expected to double within the next few years. The Nordic region attracts global investments due to its lower energy costs as well as low average temperatures, connectivity, and high availability to renewable energy sources. Nordic countries including Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland, are in the race to be the fastest growing countries targeted for IT outsourcing to provide large enterprises the ability of scalability and cost reduction.  The increased drive to work within the Nordics has developed an extreme cost, including increased compensation for IT and AI exports thus leading to the turn to IT outsourcing. 

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