Italy is the third-largest economy in the Euro Zone and eighth-largest in the world. This is an international, industrialized nation, with mature IT infrastructure. Italy has the fourth-largest ICT sector in Europe, surpassed only by Germany, the UK and France. Additionally, according to the IDC, 40 percent of Italian companies are already developing cloud strategies. Moreover, Italy is at the crossroads of the submarine cables connecting Europe with India, Africa, the Middle East and Far East. In other words, the ideal position to connect the northern and southern hemispheres.

Signaling a robust market, IRIDEOS recently announced the acquisition of Enter, a  leader in network and cloud services based in Italy. As IRIDEOS moves to consolidate the cloud and data center sectors throughout Italy, this purchase is only the most recent of the company’s acquisitions.

“With this new acquisition, our growth path continues, focused on strengthening our assets and skills in the Italian ICT space,” stated Mauro Maia, CEO of IRIDEOS. “A wider portfolio of services is now available for our customers, with new cloud solutions and international connectivity.”

Enter is a leading ISP focused on providing global network connectivity. The company’s IP backbone spans 35+ Points of Presence (PoPs) worldwide, providing a wide range of network services, including Ethernet, VPN and cloud interconnection. Additionally, Enter provides Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions, the first European, OpenStack-based service of its kind. This comprehensive solution provides customers with the computing, storage, network, DNS and CDN solutions they require to build an effective cloud solution.

“This is an exciting time for the Italian telecommunications industry as IRIDEOS works to consolidate cloud, network and data center providers throughout the region,” commented Ivan Botta, CEO, Enter. “We look forward to joining IRIDEOS as we work together to provide solutions that exceed customer expectations.”

By virtue of this strategic acquisition, Enter will become part of a wider portfolio of services with a densified fiber footprint and additional colocation opportunities throughout the Italian market. It will also continue to deliver high-quality cloud and connectivity solutions to users around the globe.

IRIDEOS’ purchase of Enter is just the latest in a series of strategic acquisitions. IRIDEOS has also acquired Infracom Italia, KPNQwest Italia, MC-link and BiG TLC. In the wake of these purchases, the IRIDEOS technological platform now integrates 12 data centers across Milan, Rome, Trento, and Verona, the largest Italian private Internet exchange (Avalon) and 15,000 km of proprietary optical fiber along the major highways.

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