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Kyndryl, the leading provider of IT infrastructure services, has recently entered into a partnership with Start Campus, the visionary company behind the SINES Project. This collaboration aims to provide design, implementation, and management of IT security and data network services for Start Campus’s SINES Project, a 495 MW hyperscale data center development. With a focus on monitoring critical IT and operational technology environments, Kyndryl’s expertise will bolster the integrity, availability, and security of Start Campus’s data center campus, thereby solidifying their position as an international data company. Additionally, this collaboration aligns with the project’s environmental commitment, as it aims to leverage 100% renewable energy sources.

Enhanced Monitoring for Critical Environments:

Kyndryl’s involvement in the SINES Project will ensure constant and comprehensive monitoring of the data ecosystem, including both IT and operational technology systems. Kyndryl will enable real-time tracking of these critical environments for large-scale data processing. This proactive approach will allow the identification of irregularities, failures, or security threats, ensuring uninterrupted operation and robust protection of the IT/OT systems on the campus.

A Strategic Partnership:

The partnership between Kyndryl and Start Campus is a significant milestone for both companies. Start Campus recognizes the importance of cybersecurity in today’s landscape and aims to position itself as a leader in data center security. By partnering with Kyndryl, they gain access to the company’s expertise in security and resiliency, as well as network and edge practices. This collaboration will undoubtedly elevate the security standards of the SINES Project, placing it at the forefront of hyperscale data center developments in Europe.

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