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LiveOak Fiber, a regional broadband service provider known for its dedication to bridging the digital divide, has exciting news for the residents and businesses of Walton County, Florida. On August 3, 2023, during the Monthly Board of Directors meeting held at the Northwest Florida State College Chautauqua Center in DeFuniak Springs, Randy Weinberger, Vice President of Strategy & Capital Planning, announced a significant milestone – a $40 million investment to expand fiber optic internet services in Walton County.

LiveOak Fiber’s Commitment to Connectivity

LiveOak Fiber’s commitment to bringing high-speed internet access to typically underserved areas has made it a beacon of hope for communities seeking to join the digital age. With this substantial investment, LiveOak Fiber aims to not only bolster the local economy but also empower residents and businesses in cities such as DeFuniak Springs, Freeport, Seaside, and Grayton Beach with world-class digital infrastructure.

Steve Smith, Chief Revenue Officer of LiveOak, emphasized the company’s mission, stating, “LiveOak Fiber is dedicated to constructing a more reliable and connected digital infrastructure that empowers the residents of Walton County. Our investment underscores our commitment to enhancing connectivity, fostering innovation, and providing high-speed internet access that paves the way for a more digitally inclusive community.”

A Catalyst for Growth and Innovation

The expansion of fiber optic internet services in Walton County promises to be a catalyst for growth and innovation in the region. As the world becomes increasingly dependent on digital connectivity, this strategic investment will position Walton County at the forefront of technological advancement. Businesses will gain the tools they need to compete in the digital landscape, while residents will enjoy seamless access to online education, telehealth services, and entertainment options.

Progress and Transparency

LiveOak Fiber has wasted no time in getting this ambitious project off the ground. Early engineering and fielding work are already in progress, demonstrating the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality services as swiftly as possible. Weinberger will provide regular updates on the project’s progress in the coming months, highlighting LiveOak Fiber’s dedication to transparency and community engagement.

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