The SubOptic Association is currently in the process of planning the upcoming SubOptic 2019 conference, taking place April 8-11, 2019 in New Orleans.

Just recently, fiber optic solutions provider Xtera announced that its Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. Stuart Barnes, was selected by the SubOptic Executive Committee to serve as Program Chair at the event.

Before each SubOptic conference, a Program Chair is selected from a group of notable thought leaders in the telecommunications industry. The Program Chair’s job is to spearhead development of the event’s central themes, as well as its educational agenda.

Dr. Barnes will be assisted by an Organizing Committee comprised of professionals from across the submarine industry. This will include representatives from the SubOptic Association, conference host Ciena and STF Events, Inc.

After graduating from Queen Mary University in London with a doctorate in engineering, Dr. Barnes went to work for Standard Telecommunications Ltd, where he supported the development of STC Submarine Systems’ first Optical Repeater. Before joining Xtera, Dr. Barnes also served as Founder and COO of Polariq, and as Founder and CTO of both Azea Networks and Ilotron.

Dr. Barnes has also held senior management positions at Alcatel Optical Recherche Group, Atlas Venture, STC Submarine Systems and STC Cables Newport. Leveraging extensive expertise and practical skills in cable, fiber and transmission equipment, Dr. Barnes joined Xtera in 2007 where he initially served as the Chief Technical Officer of Submarine Systems.

“I am honored to be chosen for this prestigious position during such a pivotal time in our industry,” stated Dr. Barnes. “I’m excited to begin the process of program development, having already received an abundance of useful suggestions during our pre-kick-off event at ITW. With help from the Organizing Committee, I am certain that we will make SubOptic 2019 the most successful and memorable SubOptic event to date.”

Xtera offers repeatered and un-repeatered subsea connectivity, along with the highest bandwidth undersea amplifiers for up to 40 Terabits on a single fiber pair. Plus, the company offers a full range of turnkey solutions and services including on-shore and off-shore security, system design, landing route and station development and operational support.

There is still time to submit program topics for SubOptic 2019. If you are interested in submitting a topic, email for consideration.

To learn more about Xtera, click here.