July 1, 2013 took New Jersey by storm, literally.  With torrential rains, huge gusts of wind and tornado touch downs confirmed in the State of New Jersey, it is just another reminder to ensure our businesses have a continuity and disaster recovery plan for any time of the year.  The storm report for 2013 has already touted increased chances of Hurricanes.  Since we are not in the Midwest, we often forget that Tornadoes and other extreme weather conditions can affect the New York metro area, and on a moment’s notice.

I remember yesterday receiving text warnings of potential flood conditions.  Looking out the window, it appeared overcast, damp – the humidity sat in the air.  In about 5 minutes from the receipt of the warning, torrential rains poured down.  Within another fifteen minutes I looked out the window to watch a heavy stream of water pouring down the street.  This type of weather pattern is quickly becoming the norm for the Northeast.  Couple these storms with winds, high tides, and an already saturated ground, the chances of floods, downed trees causing downed wires, structural damage to buildings and homes is inevitable.

While businesses can’t protect the homes of their employees or ensure their ability to perform their jobs during these stormy LAM Cloud Logoconditions, companies must ensure their business operations remain online, accessible and functional at all times.  Lam Cloud Management operates a fully integrated data center, business continuity, disaster recovery and workplace recovery facility in Cranbury, N.J.  Just off exit 8A of the NJ Turnpike, the facility is highly fortified with secure infrastructure and provides businesses locally and beyond a dependable facility to ensure their business operations.  Not just for the technology brains of a company, Lam Cloud’s facility provides workplace recovery solutions that enable employees to continue to do their job, even if your corporate facilities are inaccessible.

Stormy weather doesn’t mean your business must ride the waves, battening down the hatches, hoping it will stay together and afloat.  Lam Cloud’s solutions provide you that business assurance so that you can focus on the needs of your customers, provide a safe haven for employees and continue business operations regardless of what Mother Nature spurs on us.