The communication lines of ownership and operator continue to blur as cable broadband operators deploy bandwidth-hungry applications and race to fulfill end-users’ insatiable appetite for content.

A recent report by analyst firm Vertical Systems Group finds that for the first time, MSOs have installed more new Ethernet ports than incumbent carriers over a six-month period.   This growing trend highlights the growing importance of Cable multiple systems operators (MSOs) on the communications infrastructure and their requirements and capabilities to serve the needs of end-users.

Global Capacity Cable Case StudyA recently published case study written by Global Capacity explores the growing demand by Cable MSOs for high-speed data services – not only to support triple-play bundles for consumers, but also to deliver high capacity files such as media, applications and video.

The case study illustrates the costly endeavors required to build-out a network to meet these demands and the challenges on achieving the optimal Return on Investment (ROI) required to do so.  The regional focus of cable MSOs further complicates this matter due to the limited number of network operators to choose from and challenges to procure solutions both within their customer footprint and beyond.  Network reach, accessibility and cost competitiveness are the key challenges to cable MSOs seeking to expand their networks while reducing interconnection complexity and cost.

Interconnection Complexity Solved:  One Marketplace

Needless to say, interconnection complexity is… complex.  Finding ways to cost-effectively monetize both used and unused network assets is challenging.  And the more stagnant assets a company has, the more it costs them.  Global Capacity’s case study highlights a key solution to this problem: One Marketplace.

Global Capacity’s One Marketplace platform provides MSOs the opportunity to reduce costs of operating off-net extension services while increasing revenue opportunities by ensuring quick turnaround of competitive quotes for services.   By streamlining the procurement process with a single vendor, One Marketplace provides MOSs the ability to order, provision, and provide network management assurance on all of their off-net services.

Simplifying interconnections and streamlining vendor relations while gaining ubiquitous access is a win-win for Cable MSOs.

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