EdgeConneXEdgeConneX®, a specialist in global data center solutions at the edge of the network, has announced that Megaport is deploying its leading SDN-based elastic interconnection fabric within the EdgeConneX Portland Edge Data Center®. This new development will provide EdgeConneX’s Portland-based enterprise customers with private and scalable direct connections to multiple prominent cloud service providers, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and more. Previous to Megaport’s deployment, this capability has only been accessible to collocation customers within one of nine major Internet peering points throughout North America.

Megaport logoFollowing the recent announcement regarding the establishment of AWS’ first metro connection in the Portland market via EdgeConneX’s Edge Data Center, access to Microsoft Azure will soon be available. As a result of this unique combination of offerings, the EdgeConneX Portland Edge Data Center is now one of the most connected and secure high-performance cloud on-ramp facilities throughout the world. In addition, the deployment highlights how investments made at the edge of the network can create a level playing field for enterprises located in cities outside of the few core global markets, transforming non-traditional locations to prime connectivity points for growing enterprises.

By virtue of its purpose-built technology and design, the EdgeConneX Portland Edge Data Center offers exceptional security, speed and performance that enable the fast and efficient delivery of customers’ digital content, cloud and applications to end-users. Edge Data Centers are proximity-based, strategically located nearest to the end-user’s point of access to reduce network latency and optimize performance. Local proximity access also brings the cloud closer to the enterprise, enabling a more secure, real-time access to cloud applications and services while offering reduced backbone transport costs.

“With Megaport’s dynamic and elastic, software-driven interconnection platform fully enabled in the Portland metro market through our Edge Data Center, EdgeConneX will provide enterprise businesses full access to the cloud,” commented Clint Heiden, chief commercial officer, EdgeConneX.  “Microsoft Azure is one of the leading open and flexible cloud service platforms, providing IT departments with direct access to products and solutions that not only power businesses, but also enable innovation. EdgeConneX is committed to providing the most secure and lowest latency cloud options at the edge.”

“Direct connectivity to cloud service providers should be as ubiquitous as cloud services themselves. Our partnership with EdgeConneX furthers that goal by bringing direct cloud access to the edge. Aligning network economics and features to cloud services models is imperative to driving cloud adoption.  With our elastic fabric, Megaport provides the tools to achieve this. Our robust service provider ecosystem, rapid provisioning speed, overall reliability and flexible commercial terms make this a reality,” added Megaport CEO, Denver Maddox.

If you would like to meet with EdgeConneX during ITW 2016, please contact email EdgeConneX@imillerpr.com. For more information about EdgeConneX and its leading Edge of network infrastructure solutions for expanding and improving access to wireless and data communications, click here.