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David Baule, the Founder and CEO of MISO3, recently spoke with Data Center POST about the inefficiencies plaguing the telecom industry, particularly in the area of vendor management. With his extensive experience in the field, David recognized the need for a more effective solution and started MISO3, a machine learning platform for managing recurring contractual liabilities. In this interview, David shares insights into the challenges facing the industry and discusses how MISO3 plans to address these issues at ITW 2023.

Data Center POST (DCP) Question: International Telecoms Week is one of the industry’s largest and most important events for the year. What type of company do you work for and what are you looking forward to accomplishing at ITW 2023? 

David Baule, CEO, MISO3 (DB) Answer: MISO3 is an Operational Service Automation platform; OSA is an enhancement of traditional Telecom Expense Management (TEM)s functionality and provides insight as well as triggers for the time-sensitive decisions that occur frequently and repeatedly with comms services. We recently launched our new Genesis technology and are looking forward to showing it off to industry leaders at ITW 2023.

DCP Q: The first ITW Keynote panel features some of the industry’s largest players sharing their perspectives of the industry.  What is the top trend that you and your company has its sights on, and why? 

DB A: While enterprises continue to embrace cloud and on-demand services, the buying and selling of the necessary network and services to support end-to-end solutions remains a highly manual and fractured process. At MISO3, we believe it can be better. We have developed technology that will help all service providers discover and maintain their complex inventories over each service’s lifetime. This will save companies time, money, and allow their human capital to focus on making informed business decisions.

DCP Q: The cloud continues to be a hot topic.  Some say it’s continuing to grow even bigger, others are saying businesses are starting to repatriate from the cloud into managed infrastructure, such as bare metal. What are you experiencing in your business and how are you adapting to that? 

DB A: We are veterans of this industry and have seen multiple ebbs and flows of what’s “hot”. What’s consistent is the need to do more with fewer and fewer resources. MISO3 applies industry subject matter expertise to automate margin management and improve the cash position of the companies we support.

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