MOD Mission CriticalWhen a business data center located in the most stable and well-known carrier hotel in Tampa teams up with a network service provider with the largest offering of Colo by the ‘U’ worldwide, some great things happen. Business customers seeking cost-effective colocation options with unprecedented scalability benefit from access to diverse network connectivity, maximum uptime and redundancy through one centralized, highly efficient Network Operations Center (NOC). Moreover, any concerns about reliability and security are mitigated by a data center featuring a dedicated, 3MW power substation served by redundant power grids, bunker-grade architecture and best-in-class infrastructure.

This is what happened when MOD Mission Critical (‘MOD’), a network service provider that combines facilities and non-facilities-based assets to deliver comprehensive, mission-critical network solutions, recently announced a partnership with WOW! Business, a communications and cloud service provider, which expands WOW!’s Colo by the ‘U’ offering within its Tampa data center at 400 N. Tampa Street.

MOD’s Colo by the ‘U’ transcends traditional data center and colocation offerings by allowing customization of space requirements based on business’ specific needs. This is accomplished by offering business customers cost-effective colocation options by a single rack unit (RU). WOW! Business’ unmatched carrier diversity and neutral environment located within a highly redundant, architecturally bulletproof structure reinforces features of reliability and security, and allows MOD to expand its market footprint into Tampa.

WOW!’s flexible, dynamic installation combined with MOD’s fast service turn-up will allow MOD to begin serving its customers almost immediately.

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