Enterprises today require seamless connectivity across multiple regions, clouds and data centers as well as enough bandwidth to support heavy workloads and applications. Many companies, however, are finding it difficult to achieve seamless connectivity because they are using outdated networking solutions that are slow to provision and difficult to update.

Now there is an easy way to obtain high-quality connectivity. PacketFabric, a NantWorks organization and a provider of next-generation Ethernet-based cloud networking services. offers fully automated, purpose-built software-defined networking (SDN)-based architecture that allows users to instantaneously provision terabit-scale connectivity directly, privately and securely over next-generation transport fabric now powered by the Juniper Networks QFX10000 line of switches.

PacketFabric recently selected Juniper Networks as its principal packet-switched network infrastructure provider. In addition to providing advanced flexibility and scalability, Juniper also simplifies the connectivity provisioning and management process by providing real-time visibility and interactivity across the network.

“As we thought about how to implement our vision for a better way for companies to build and maintain their network infrastructure, we realized that the only way to achieve our goals was to create a purpose-built, greenfield network, designed specifically around automation and scale,” stated PacketFabric Chief Technology Officer Richard Steenbergen. “Utilizing Juniper’s QFX10000 line of switches for our infrastructure was instrumental to achieving those goals, combining Juniper’s unmatched carrier-class reliability, industry-leading automation capabilities, and the latest in cloud-scale performance.”

Juniper Networks Vice President of Portfolio Marketing Paul Obsitnik explained how PacketFabric can help businesses realize Juniper’s vision of Digital Cohesion.

“PacketFabric is delivering a platform that can revolutionize how networks interconnect and interact with each other, which is an initial step towards making Digital Cohesion a reality – an era in which multiple applications self-assemble to deliver new, predictive services. At Juniper, we are thrilled to be providing the advanced switching technology that will support the PacketFabric platform and provide its users with the superior performance, scalability and flexibility needed to have real-time and on-demand services. We look forward to continuing to work with PacketFabric to deliver networking innovation that helps their customers benefit from the cloud.”

This is a tremendous opportunity for businesses across all industries to access flexible, cutting-edge infrastructure for seamless connectivity. To learn more about PacketFabric, click here. To learn more about Juniper, click here.