Originally posted to Data Center POST

By Chadwick Kinlay, Director, Marketing and Communications, Epsilon

According to Forester, the global Cloud application market will reach $155 billion in three short years, which is 17 percent higher than its 2014 projection. North America, the most mature Cloud market in the world, also represents the highest share of global Cloud services commerce. This is due to the early adoption of Cloud based networks, primarily in the U.S. Although initial adoption of Cloud computing was driven mainly by financial factors, such as lower capital expenditures, equally important have been the benefits of improved agility and flexibility. The Cloud has enabled companies to deploy new applications more quickly, creating an efficient way for IT departments to operate.

In North America, as all over the world, orchestration, automation and visibility are critical to ensuring that Cloud-based applications and services are delivered with adequate levels of network performance. Epsilon leverages network orchestration and automation to provide users with control over their networks, thus allowing them to optimise their connectivity to meet the specific needs of sites globally.

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