Data center owner and operator New Continuum Holdings Corporation, which operates New Continuum Data Centers and United Internet Exchange, LLC (United IX), recently announced that Trilogy Networks has selected its West Chicago facility as one of its metro edge locations. This partnership will allow Trilogy to leverage connections to United IX and effectively optimize mobile traffic routing, build the core of their network function virtualization (NFV) software platform and serve the Chicago metro area.

Trilogy’s edge cloud platform, ConEx,  provides customers a plug-and-play NFV solution for cloud-native applications. The ConEx platform is designed to enable wireless networks, facilitating fast deployments, effortless management and bolstered efficiency across multiple and distributed edge locations. IP traffic optimization and both private and public cloud connections are included in the platform capabilities to help augment network performance across the board. Now that it has selected New Continuum’s West Chicago facility, Trilogy plans to leverage this strategic location to deliver more sophisticated network services that require ultra-low-latency delivery on mobile networks. New Continuum is the latest location to be added to Trilogy’s web of partners providing wireless infrastructure, supporting the company’s edge cloud deployments throughout the U.S.

“New Continuum offers us an ideal opportunity to deploy our Edge Cloud solutions for availability to the entire Chicago metro area,” adds George Woodward, CEO of Trilogy Networks. “Their ability to optimally route our mobile traffic was a critical consideration for selecting this strategic location. The facility coupled with the capabilities of the United IX network meets the connectivity and latency requirements for our critical edge applications.”

As an industry leader in defining next generation, multi-tenant data center services, New Continuum specifically engineered their flagship facility in West Chicago to enable customers by providing maximum flexibility, ample power, improved redundancy and heightened density. On top of these benefits, New Continuum’s Chicago data center, and its customers, enjoy rich connectivity options and optimal traffic routing due to its partnership with the network neutral software-enabled interconnection platform United IX.

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