Have you been waiting for a network breakthrough that will grant you faster and more reliable connectivity to Europe and beyond?

That day has finally come.

Digital RealtyJust recently, Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: DLR), a leading global provider of data center solutions, announced a new partnership with AquaComms Ltd., a provider of scalable, subsea capacity-based network solutions. The alliance will revolutionize capacity and reliability between North America and Europe.

Aqua CommsBy the end of 2015, AquaComm’s new transatlantic fiber-optic system, America Europe Connect (AEConnect), will be available in Digital Realty’s 32 Avenue of the Americas data center (located in New York City).  Plans are also in the works to extend this network to Digital Realty’s additional New York-based data centers – inside 111 8th Avenue and 60 Hudson Street.  AEConnect will provide low-latency connectivity from Digital Realty’s New York data centers to London and beyond to greater Europe.

An upgrade from the subsea cables first laid in place over a decade ago, AEConnect represents a new, advanced generation of fiber infrastructure. AEConnect is a 5,400-km-long network that spans from Long Island, New York to the West Coast of Ireland. It also contains stubbed branching units to support future landings. The subsea cable supports speeds of 130 Gbps x 100 Gbps per fiber pair, which will provide low-latency connectivity for businesses.

As Telx Senior Vice President and Managing Director Anthony Rossabi explained in a statement following the announcement, the partnership will be a major business boon.

“Digital Realty’s combination of 60 Hudson Street, 111 8th Avenue and 32 Avenue of the Americas creates a market-leading trifecta for data center and colocation services in the New York metropolitan area.  With AEConnect linking New York and London, we are excited to offer enterprises, carriers and mobile operators access to private network bandwidth between two of the largest commercial centers in the world.”

For more information, read the full press release here.