Significant improvements are being planned for 5G wireless services in New Jersey.

Spread Networks has announced it will improve its 5G wireless services running between NY11 at 1400 Federal Blvd. in Carteret, New Jersey, and NY4 at 755 Secaucus Road in Secaucus, New Jersey. The company intends to launch the upgrades on October 8, 2017.

Spread Networks offers latency of 90.20µs one-way/ 180.40µs roundtrip, covering the full end-to-end latency from cabinet demarcation to cabinet demarcation. Other service providers only quote “radio to radio” or “wireless network,” excluding significant sources of latency between the radio and the cabinet demarcation point. And with a line rate of 5 gigabits, the Spread system is able to process a 64 byte packet in just 100 nanoseconds. This is five times faster than a typical low latency network.

Spread’s technology utilizes a larger dish on an active gimbal to overcome poor weather conditions and ensure optimal signal strength at all times. The company’s network is monitored 24/7/365, directly from Spread Networks’ operations center in Atlanta, Georgia.

This system offers a stronger, more robust network that comes with a much higher level of reliability than other competing solutions. In fact, Spread Networks offers the best reliability available in the metro wireless market, with 99.5 percent availability and a “no excuses” Service Level Agreement (SLA). Spread Networks will also issue credit for every minute it fails to meet its SLA for any reason, such as seismic disturbances, extreme weather and labor strikes. The company is the only provider in the industry offering such a guarantee.

“We don’t make the customer guess at the real latency, this is truly 5 gigs at 90.20 mics hand-off to hand-off,” stated Dan Spivey, Founder and CEO of Spread Networks, “and we also offer a ‘no excuses’ SLA, which means we don’t cry about rain when you ask for a service credit.”

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