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Ilissa MillerOne of the most aggressive builders at the edge of the network, and until recently, a data center colocation provider that industry observers have considered as flying below the radar, EdgeConneX® recently elevated its profile with the launch of a power-dense and purpose-built Edge Data Center® (EDC) in Miami.

For EdgeConneX, the network edge is the closest physical location to a broadband or wireless data consumer
where content, video and applications can be accessed, thus extending the Internet beyond the five main peering points in the U.S., mitigating buffering and other performance-related issues.

As reported in Miami Today, the Virginia-based company purchased a 32,000-square-foot Class-A warehouse facility at the Dolphin Commerce Center located on 2132 NW 114th Street, and then invested approximately $8 million to convert the building into an Edge Data Center that will serve major cable companies, social media andIMG_1242[1]content providers, including Netflix, Facebook and YouTube. The EDC location in South Florida will ensure a better experience for end-users accessing this content throughout the region.

“The primary importance of this location is it is helping to extend Internet beyond primary points,” remarked Phill Lawson-Shanks, the Chief Solutions Architect at EdgeConneX and designer on the project, in Miami Today. This signifies that content will now be served locally to end users in the greater Miami area versus that requested content traveling from Ashburn, VA and beyond back to Miami. This local proximity of content eliminates latency issues, thereby creating a better viewing experience for consumers.

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