Originally posted to LinkedIn Pulse by Steve Scott.

Deep Blue Cable’s recent announcement that it plans to extend its pan-Caribbean subsea fibre-optic network to Colombia and Panama underscores the company’s commitment to the long-term solution of providing advanced subsea connectivity across the Caribbean islands and to the Americas. While the Caribbean is home to more than 39 million people, for many the availability of advanced technologies routinely available to other nations around the world is comparatively limited. Hence, the Deep Blue cable will have a profound impact not only on the communications ecosystem of the Caribbean, but also on the economic growth potential of an underserved region whose current fibre-optic connectivity is technologically and economically disadvantaged.

Additionally, the Caribbean is unique in that many people throughout the islands are proficient in multiple languages, including Spanish, French and English. With the establishment of more affordable and reliable connectivity, multinational enterprises seeking to expand their global presence can establish local operations centres in the region that will be readily facilitated by its multilingual populace.

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