Odclogo1On July 9th 2013, Open Data Centers proudly announced that their data center in Piscataway, New Jersey was selected to host iAreaNet’s cloud-based office solutions.

iAreaNet’s goal is to provide businesses with an array of technology solutions.  The company does this through its iAreaOffice, or “Office-in-the-Cloud” suite, which includes phone service, integrated unified communications, hosted exchange, conferencing, and applications.  Their state-of-the-art technology infrastructure provides customers with data, voice, collaboration, and mobile connectivity through one comprehensive IT and communications solution.

Open Data Centers’ Piscataway location was an ideal complement to iAreaNets’ geographically dispersed facilities in both California and Georgia.  The Piscataway location ensures iAreaNet’s customers receive the highest level of service, complete with the greatest uptime, disaster prevention, and instant access to their mission-critical business data.

Open Data Centers’ facility boasts 15,000 square feet of scalable data center space, complete with advanced monitoring and security, N+1 redundant connectivity, reliable power, and maximum uptime capabilities.  These specifications guaranteed by Open Data Centers’ Piscataway data center make the facility ideal for housing cloud solutions and carrier Points of Presence (PoPs), as well as the colocation of data-rich applications requiring high bandwidth and optimal security.

To learn more about Open Data Centers and its Piscataway, NJ facility, visit www.opendatacenters.net or email: odc@imillerpr.com.