Originally published to Data Center POST

Open-IX, a 501(c)(6) non-profit industry association promoting better standards for data center interconnection and internet exchanges, has recently announced a newly ratified standard allowing non-profit organizations and internet exchange community members to achieve Open-IX (OIX) certification at no cost. Approved in December 2018, this new standard is identical to the costed version and has been ratified by the newly elected board.

This step, another significant milestone for Open-IX, makes clear their commitment to open, transparent, bottom-up, and ongoing community involvement. By introducing this no-cost option, OIX removes administrative and financial roadblocks to certified non-profits or community members interested in participating in the creation of a more resilient and efficient global internet infrastructure.

“We are proud to announce this new standard,” commented Rob DeVita, Executive Director. “We believe it will enable significant growth for OIX certified entities moving forward. We thank the community as a whole for bringing this idea to us and we are delighted to enact it so early in our tenure.”


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