panamaxSalesforce, Cision, Hootsuite: all names synonymous with premier platforms for the management of business services and applications. A new name is now rising to prominence: iMax, an integrated carrier switching platform that enables carriers on the Panamax system to simply buy and sell routes from one another. Panamax Inc., a leading global telecommunications provider, has released a new feature of its iMax platform called the Carrier Self-Care Portal.

The Carrier Self-Care Portal enables prepaid wholesale voice terminators, voice carriers, enterprise VoIP providers, and mobile operators to optimize business processes by simplifying the management of their entire prepaid wholesale VoIP business. Users can sign up for free and purchase and integrate services immediately, as well as view balances in real time, monitor credit, and talk to online support and sales teams. The Carrier Self-Care portal also features an intuitive dashboard that provides customers access to account summaries, payment information, rates and reports. In the past, comprehensive service came at a price. Now, customers can utilize the free platform as part of their iMax solution to streamline processes and optimize overall profitability, competitiveness and responsiveness

iMax offers all the functionalities carriers look for, such as real-time integration of Class-4 Softswitch capabilities, call routing, network management, policy management, billing, monitoring, intelligent firewall, SIP and H.323 handling, and multilateral peering of thousands of calls amongst various Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 carriers. The platform also reduces both capital and operational expenditures for customers by optimizing switching capacity while minimizing both operations and support costs.

To learn more about Panamax and its innovative iMax Carrier Self-Care Portal, please visit: or read the press release in its entirety here.