On the Company’s Fifth-Year Anniversary, iMPR’s Team and Clients Reflect on Their Experience


To celebrate iMiller Public Relations’ fifth-year anniversary, we asked members of our team how working at iMPR has impacted them personally and professionally. Additionally, several of our valued clients shared how they viewed their relationship with our organization.

iMiller Public Relations Team Members Speak Out

As a seasoned business executive, my goal in life is to continually learn and grow in both my personal and professional life. It’s the key to staying young and engaged. For me, iMPR’s vision of being the best public relations company it can be while moving at 200 mph has been inspiring and energizing. Working with my colleagues at iMPR reminds me that the passion to succeed can motivate you beyond what you ever thought possible, while continuing to live each day to its fullest.
Jeffrey A. Sesol

iMPR’s virtual office environment has taught me a new dimension of time and project management. Through the work that I do, the experience has also helped me to improve my communications skills and understand client and team requirements in a dynamic environment.
Kwan Fai Cheng
Digital Marketing Associate

iMPR is an organization built upon a foundation of teamwork, professionalism, collaboration and ingenuity. I’ve learned in my short tenure here at iMPR how to meld each of these qualities together to bring about the best work for our clients. Working for iMPR has guided me along the path to becoming a multi-faceted professional, and has taught me to have confidence in my work, ideas and overall abilities.
Blair Miller
Strategic Account Manager

iMPR is one of those rare companies that’s been able to gather together a talented group of people that really know their stuff.  Seeing this team in action during brainstorming sessions, drafting content, developing creative, and on display in client meetings is a treat. I’m proud to see the quality work this team delivers to its clients and how it plays an important role in making them successful. Happy 5th iMPR!
Patrick Mulcahy
Dedicated Account Director

As a newcomer to the agency, I hope to continue to hone my PR and leadership skills, bring great opportunities to clients, help to build the agency and help myself and team members to develop all that is best within.  
Lynda Starr
Senior Strategic Account Manager

Over the course of my nearly four-and-half-year tenure with iMPR, I have had the opportunity to work not only with a tremendous team of dedicated professionals who truly have a passion for what they do, but also a vast group of clients from various facets of the industry that help me learn, remain engaged, and always keep me thinking, “What’s next?”

On a personal level, iMPR has helped me grow by teaching me how to more effectively set goals, reach leadership standards, and appreciate the value of teamwork and effective time management in a results-driven environment.

Professionally, iMPR has taught me to look at PR and marketing from a different, unique perspective. Through both my team and my clients, I’ve been able to gain an in-depth knowledge of the industry and glean insight into the most effective ways to implement strategies and position our customers for continued success.
Joanna Soucy
Vice President, Strategic Development

Joining the iMPR team has been nothing but a blessing. From working alongside the best in the industry to interfacing with wonderful clients, I feel grateful every work day.
Stefanie Cronin
Social Media Manager

Since joining iMPR in November 2011, I have watched our firm grow by leaps and bounds and come together to work as one unit. As a virtual office environment, iMPR has given me the freedom to work from home and be with my family when needed, but it has also allowed me to grow in a more supportive and professional business sense.
Jennifer M. Strame
Affiliate Marketing Manager

iMPR has helped me evolve professionally by teaching me the importance of teamwork, discipline and communication. iMPR understands the importance of working together and helping one another to deliver the best we can for our clients.
Kathy Xu
Media Relations Associate

Joining iMPR right out of college was an amazing opportunity for me. Working with such a dedicated team of public relations professionals serving clients all across world for the past four-plus years has taught me time management, how to work remotely and how to prioritize different tasks. I have grown and learned as an account manager with amazing mentors and a wonderful team.
Laura Sperandeo
Strategic Account Manager

Being part of iMPR has shown me strength in teamwork. The cohesion of our team is rock-solid and really sets the bar on public relations.
Jon Argiropoulos
Digital Marketing Associate

I’ve worked with iMPR for over four years and during that time I have been able to hone my leadership skills and become a more effective communicator. We work in a fast-paced environment, which can be both challenging and exciting. The team and its leadership are great examples of how to effectively work together to exceed our clients’ expectations.
Jennifer Hartley
VP of Business Process Management

I began my career with iMPR more than two and a half years ago as a recent college graduate with very little industry experience. Since then, I have grown significantly as a writer, a PR professional and as an individual, working collaboratively alongside a team of talented, passionate and dedicated individuals. In this highly dynamic industry, iMPR has taught me to embrace each approaching challenge and seek out opportunities to further cultivate and advance my craft.
Laurie Kotuce
Technical Writer

From the start, iMPR was something unique. Five years later, it has been proven. After winning awards for its excellent client service, team-oriented approach and business model, it has positioned itself as an industry leader in PR and marketing communications. Congratulations on the company’s anniversary and a toast to the next five years!
Jennifer Handshew
Media Relations Consultant

Serving iMPR’s valued clients offers me the opportunity to deliver my best work, which for any communications professional is exactly where you want to be. Meanwhile, working alongside my colleagues is to experience the collective talents and diverse strengths of an integrated team with a singular focus on excellence. It goes without saying that the environment of any public relations firm is often cyclonic in nature, but the grace under pressure with which the iMPR management group handles the demands and lends guidance is a lesson in leadership.
Daniel Highet
Director of Content

iMPR has given me the tools to expand my experience and grow as a professional. I am thankful to be a part of an uplifting team and look forward to many new successes with iMPR.
Kaleigh Farmer
Event Marketing Manager

Although I am new member of the iMiller Public Relations team, I’ve worked with them in my previous role. I am grateful for their professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity. I look forward to growing professionally at iMPR under the supervision of a great CEO and my fellow management team.
Cheryl Kemp
VP of Events

iMPR Clients Speak Out

Here’s what some of our clients had to share about working with iMPR.

I was referred to iMPR as a potential PR partner to bring Host in Ireland’s message to the U.S. Market. Since day one, they understood our initiative and the goals set forth by our partner sponsors. They have not only executed our brand story and provided increased exposure about Ireland’s capabilities in hosting digital assets to the U.S. market, but have supported our efforts throughout Europe as well.

Garry Connolly, President, Host in Ireland

Working with iMiller has helped Webair position ourselves as one of the top 100 Cloud and fully managed infrastructure service providers in the world. It has also helped us promote this message to a much broader community of industry professionals, media and analysts.

For us, the key reasons behind choosing iMPR lie not only in the exemplary services provided, but the industry and technical knowledge, strong community relationships, and the strategic recommendations that back them and enable these efforts to resonate deeper within the market.

Sagi Brody, CTO, Webair

We have been working with iMiller PR on a number of projects for over two years now and they have helped us always in a very professional and efficient manner. They know the market in which we operate very well and they therefore know who to reach out to and how to address them. We hope to work with them for many more years to come.

Marketing Team, AMS-IX USA Inc. 

Congratulations to the entire IMPR team. Great story, great team, great service. Wonderful founder.

All the best and congratulations on achieving such an amazing milestone.

Patrick Shutt, CEO, Unitas Global