PCCW Global, the international operating division of HKT, Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications provider, recently announced support for Google Cloud Partner Interconnect to provide enterprises direct, on-demand connections to the Google Cloud Platform.

PCCW Global’s Console Connect now provides Google Cloud customers with fast, low-latency, direct and secure connectivity with on-demand access to cloud-based, business-critical applications. Through a global network spanning more than 150 countries across the globe, the Console Connect platform can connect any and all points in customer networks with simple-to-use, yet sophisticated, automation software that eliminates the complexity of network configuration. Google Cloud Partner Interconnect customers will enjoy augmented performance, visibility, monitoring and security while leveraging an enhanced scope.

Console Connect’s complete solution, created by and for network engineers from around the world, empowers customers with the tools they need to manage multiple secure and direct connections, monitor connection performance, and view bandwidth allocation and utilization. Console Connect also brings enterprises and cloud providers together into a unique networking community to form a powerful platform for knowledge sharing, troubleshooting and more. PCCW Global’s Software-Defined Interconnection makes connecting to the cloud simple, predictable and secure.

Google Cloud is joining PCCW Global’s growing portfolio of supported platforms. Console Connect’s connection to Google’s cloud platform at strategic locations around the globe allows businesses to leverage quick, automated, high-performance and on-demand access to their business-critical workloads in the cloud.

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