Plasma Air International recently announced the appointment of Daniel Dowiak as its National Sales Manager.   Mr. Dowiak brings over 20 years of both indoor and outdoor quality monitoring, system design and engineering, and facility management experience to Plasma Air.  His tenure within the industry stems numerous directorship and senior management positions at companies such as UVResources™, Bioclimatic Air Systems, LLC, DHL, Ingersoll Rand, and Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG).  Mr. Dowiak also founded two organizations, DGSolutions and Daniel J. Dowiak Consulting.  As National Sales Manager for Plasma Air, he is responsible for driving U.S. sales strategies and execution for an array of leading air purification products, focusing on the further development and support of the Company’s commercial market and residential partner networks.  

DanielTypically mounted in the central air conditioning system, Plasma Air International’s air purification products leverage bipolar ionization technology to enhance the indoor air quality (IAQ) of commercial, institutional, residential and industrial buildings.  Plasma Air’s bipolar ionization system produces both positive and negative oxygen ions (particle agglomeration) that work together to eliminate pollutants such as smoke, odors, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in schools, medial facilities, arenas, casinos, office buildings, residences, and more.   The Company’s air purification products also reduce asthma and allergy irritants, mold spores, and bacteria, while reducing contaminants such as MRSA, E-Coli and H1N1 through cell oxidation.  Moreover, Plasma Air’s system controls chemical and VOC gases by breaking down volatile organic compounds from carpet, paint, cleaning agents, furniture polish, and more.

Plasma Air also reduces the amount of outside air intake required for a facility by using ASHRAE Standard 62.1 IAQ Procedure.  This enables customers to reduce air conditioning and heating equipment sizes, decrease energy consumption and provide a healthy, productive environment for employees and visitors.

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