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Did you know the data center industry has an energy consumption challenge?  And with the growing demands of HPC and AI computer demands, the discussion around alternative energy solutions continues to gain momentum. One company, Last Energy, is championing a tried and true clean-energy solution – in a new and efficient way – modular nuclear power.  With Data Center World 2024 in Washington D.C. from April 15-18. 2024, Last Energy is planning to make a splash!  On Monday, April 15, 2024 during the Nuclear energy workshop, Last Energy is  planning to hang a prototype of its nuclear reactor module from a crane.

Founded just four years ago in 2020, before the company concocted this amazing feat of hanging a 12’x12’x48’ prototype modular nuclear reactor from a crane. Today, the company, also headquartered in Washington D.C., develops micro modular nuclear power plants that bring up to 20 MW of power in each deployment. The company’s goal is to enable global clean energy access and decarbonization in a rapid, scalable, and economically competitive way. The PWR-20, the product name for Last Energy plant, is designed to address the inefficiencies that have traditionally made nuclear development prohibitively complex and expensive.

“By owning all aspects of plant delivery and dramatically reducing the time and cost of delivery, Last Energy is transforming the nuclear power industry to unlock clean, reliable baseload energy for data centers, manufacturers, and other industrial off-takers,” said Michael Crabb, SVP of Commercial for Last Energy.

“The idea is to give people a sense of what a faster, more scalable version of nuclear development looks like — modular design, easy to transport, quick to build, and so forth,” explained Crabb. “By miniaturizing, modularizing, and ultimately productizing nuclear development, you’re able to mass manufacture new plants and site them virtually anywhere.”

In addition to the eye-catching prototype display, Last Energy will also be participating in Data Center World’s nuclear workshop on April 15th and speaking on an April 18th panel about the benefits nuclear power can provide to data centers.

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