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The best way to prepare for an interview with a trade show reporter is to do your research in advance. Find out the name of the reporting outlet and the reporter if available. Check out the organization’s website, determine the audience, understand which subjects the outlet addresses, and read the reporter’s previous articles.

1. Make sure your story is a match for the publication. Does the subject matter of your press release or announcement meet the criteria of the publication? Is the message current and timely?

2. Create a pitch. Once you define which media outlet fits your market sector, create a targeted pitch that identifies how your story is a match for the reporting outlet and audience. Keep the message short and to the point.

3. Prepare for the interview. Decide what you want to say to the journalist. Know your subject matter, be concise, and be prepared to provide industry facts and figures to back up the information.

4. Be conscientious. Arrive on time and stay on point. Thank the reporter for the opportunity to tell your story. Have an electronic or hard-copy version of your press kit available.

5. Know which industry executives will be at the show and are available for interviews. Have contact information ready at the time of the interview. Where appropriate, have the company executive join you on the interview.

6. Interview follow-up is important. Respond as soon as possible to questions that were not answered during the interview. Follow the reporter on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and engage the reporter on topics of common interest.

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