Originally posted by:  Andy Lumsden, Chief Technology Officer at Pacnet

PacnetPTC’15 has a prodigious reputation for bringing together the telecommunications industry’s best and brightest minds in Honolulu, Hawaii each year in order to forge new partnerships, rekindle existing business relationships, and gain new insights into our dynamic industry.  This year’s event proved no different, converging thought-leaders to discuss a number of the industry’s latest trends and developments, including enabling greater global connectivity through subsea and satellite data transport.   As cloud computing, mobile and bandwidth-intensive applications continue their proliferation within the market, customers are looking beyond the traditional, rigid networks and bandwidth-provisioning models, opting for burstable bandwidth options and more agile systems that cater to these rising and fluctuating transport requirements.  To enable these new business models and on-demand service capabilities, the forward-looking providers are viewing Software-20150212-andyptc2015defined Networking (SDN) over both submarine cable architectures and terrestrial networks as an exciting and revolutionary development.   At this year’s conference, I had the honor of joining Colin Anderson, Director of Marketing at Ciena; Wayne Wuford, Director of Technical Marketing at Infinera; Rozaimy Rahman, EVP of Global & Wholesale, Telekom Malaysia; and moderator Michael Constable, CEO, Huawei Marine Networks, in discussing new submarine cable developments and examining how SDN affects the modern-day business and service delivery model.   Here are the key takeaways from my session: Putting the Bounce into Submarine Cable and my predictions of how SDN has the potential to transform submarine cable industry:

  • The age of digitization has caused a paradigm shift in the way the industry operates.  To remain competitive, providers must change their service delivery and business models, while ensuring early and rapid adoption of new technologies.  Many are asking the question “Can SDNenable these new business models and services on legacy and new-build submarine networks?” Making the network more accessible and agile than ever before has certainly become a topic of discussion.

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