Montréal is rapidly becoming a key data center hub with major public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform basing operations in the region. Not only is the price of electricity lower than in other geographic areas of the world, but the city’s naturally cool climate reduces costs for data center operators, and by extension their cloud and enterprise clients, in need of fast and reliable expansion and scalability.

Moreover, the demand for colocation services in Montréal is set to undergo another wave of growth because the exponential rise of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, what some industry experts call the 4th Industrial Revolution, will be supported by the cloud’s ability to take on and interpret vast amounts of data.

In response to the growing demand of major cloud providers and multinational organizations seeking colocation services in Montréal, ROOT Data Center recently announced the expansion of its Montréal-based MTL-R2 facility, adding an additional 6MW of power capacity to Canada’s largest wholesale / hyperscale data center.  The first of two new data halls at ROOT’s MTL-R2 facility is currently under construction and projected to be completed this month, with the second following by late summer.

“ROOT’s ability to expand and rapidly deploy capacity for our customer allows them to grow their operations as quickly as they need to support the massive acceleration of cloud growth in Canada, and technology sector growth in Montréal,” stated AJ Byers, President and CEO of ROOT Data Center.  “As the demand for data center solutions in Montréal continues to rise, our ability to effectively expand infrastructure, power and space in short time frames not only benefits our customers, but the region’s tech ecosystem and the city’s economy.”

Reflecting the long-term commitment of its customers as well as the company’s long-term commitment to the region, ROOT has already signed agreements to provide the majority of the available power capacity at its MTL-R2 facility.  This dedication was recently recognized by the West Island Chamber of Commerce, which named ROOT the winner of three different awards, including Business of the Year.

In addition to the cool, Canadian climate, ROOT’s customers take advantage of free air-cooling systems, unmatched deployment speeds, and the scalability and performance of its high-density power solutions. Providing cost-effective power in a highly-secure and reliable colocation environment with implementation solutions designed to suit companies of any size, ROOT continues to grow in the Montréal community by adding more capacity. As one of the fastest-growing data centers in Canada, ROOT continues to benefit the region with customers that include cloud hosting providers, multinational enterprises, telecom service providers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and one of the largest hyperscale technology providers in the world.

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