Console - Primary - 300dpi - RGBLeading enterprise software and interconnection provider and IIX company Console Inc. recently announced that it has been added to Q9’s dynamic Cloud Connect Program.  The partnership will directly benefit Q9’s Canadian data center customers. In adding Console to its Cloud Connect platform, Q9 has made it possible for customers to leverage Console’s leading connectivity services. The Console platform allows businesses to bypass the public Internet and connect to software-as-a-service and business-critical cloud providers and other partners, both directly and securely.  Moving forward, Console will be available in Q9’s Ontario and Alberta facilities.

q9So, why did Q9 add Console to its Cloud Connect platform? As Q9 SVP of product management and strategy Strahan McCarten explained following the announcement, Q9 wanted to streamline connectivity for its customers. Right now, after all, many companies are relying on the public Internet to connect to cloud providers, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers and other partners, which makes it difficult to connect quickly, reliably and securely.

“Our clients have been struggling to connect to the largest public clouds, such as Azure, AWS and as well as industry-specific networks for collaboration purposes,” explained McCarten, following the announcement. “Cloud Connect leverages a set of Q9-approved interconnect partnerships to deliver the global interconnect services our clients require, right from our Canadian data centers.”

Console founder and CEO Al Burgio added that Console is excited to be working with Q9, and that Q9 team is looking forward to having the Console platform available to data center customers in Canada.

“Our innovative and easy-to-use platform will provide Q9 customers with the ability to bypass the public Internet and privately connect to Console’s global ecosystem,” he explained.

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