Companies to demonstrate combined offering at Mobile World Congress 2016

QuortuslogoGuildford, UK and Huntington Beach, CA – 4th February 2016 – Quortus and Applied Computer Solutions (ACS) today announced that they are partnering to develop a range of wireless communications solutions for enterprises based on emerging Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) technologies. The two companies expect to demonstrate a proof of concept service offering at Mobile World Congress 2016 (Barcelona, Feb 22nd – 25th).

Quortus is at the heart of implementing core network functions as software applications; ACS provides products and services to Service Providers, MSOs and large enterprises. The companies’ partnership will enable services far beyond the capabilities of traditional network architectures, enhancing user experience and bringing benefits throughout the wireless ecosystem. For network operators this means more efficient use of network resources and new monetization opportunities; content distributors benefit with higher delivery speeds and lower network latencies; enterprises gain vastly improved integration between their IT and communications infrastructure; small businesses obtain access to advanced services with outstanding ease of use.

“Quortus and ACS makes for a game-changing combination,” said Andy Odgers, Founder and CEO of Quortus. “Together we are pioneering the new Mobile Edge Computing ecosystem. Uniquely, our MEC solution combines control and user plane functions – enabling more services than user-plane only MEC solutions. This opens up a new world of powerful possibilities, creating an operator-friendly system that can support a raft of new capabilities ranging from local traffic offload and QoS management to genuine local VoLTE calling.”

Bob Pike, CTO at ACS, commented: “Our partnership with Quortus is a natural evolution of our two companies’ respective endeavors to leverage advanced IT and communications technologies to make a real difference in a very broad range of applications. By applying intelligence at the network edge, we simultaneously remove strain on network operators’ infrastructure and improve service and user experience. We are hugely excited to debut this technology at MWC ‘16.”

The companies’ demo at MWC will show how MEC can be used to deliver media, voice and data services in diverse scenarios such as enterprise communications, healthcare, and public spaces such as shopping malls and sports stadia. The demonstration leverages Quortus’ recently announced MEC-aligned versions of its EdgeCentrix virtualized core network products, along with ACS’ IT infrastructure products, systems integration expertise, and unique capabilities in end-to-end orchestration of MEC servers and applications.

MEC architectures combine wireless technology with an IT-type service environment to deliver efficient communications services with ultra-low latency and high bandwidth. MEC software applications can tap into local content and information about network conditions so that traffic can be handled in an optimal way; examples include local traffic offload and caching, and video optimization.

Quortus’ ECX technology takes this principle a step further, by implementing core network functions themselves in software. The combination of these two approaches will allow service providers to truly deliver on the promise of MEC. Services are provided where they are consumed – at the network edge.

About Quortus
Quortus enables flexible, agile mobile communications networks that provide a foundation for innovative services tailored to a diverse range of end customers. Its award winning EdgeCentrix (ECX) virtualized mobile core solutions help increase operator margin and ‘stickiness’. They interwork gracefully with existing mobile networks, with small cell and HetNet architectures and with standard IT infrastructure, to create truly integrated communications platforms. Quortus’ ECX products are highly scalable and can be hosted anywhere – in the cloud, at the network edge, or deeply embedded alongside a cellular radio in a single-chip implementation.

About ACS
Since ACS’s inception in 1989, we have experienced consistent and sustainable growth by developing strong long-term relationships with our OEM/manufacturing partners and by providing tremendous value to our clients. Our customer base is extremely diverse in size and in the industries they serve, but our commitment never wavers. ACS delivers effectively, efficiently, and provides the best possible value for each of our loyal customers. In the communications industry, which is one of the many ACS serves, ACS has helped wireline service providers, MSOs, and wireless carriers build out their networks for the past 20 years. Our experience in traditional wired broadband services and mobility gives us the expertise, technical talent and OEM relationships to help the operators deliver on LTE-based mobile broadband. We are well-equipped for urban and enterprise deployments providing the integration experience, technical talent and programming skills necessary to build out, control and manage mobile broadband platforms. Applied Computer Solutions (ACS) is based in Huntington Beach, California.

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