The free pool of IPv4 addresses has been exhausted since September, 2015. Now, there is a global shortage and many regions are forced to ration their remaining assets.

Still, IPv4 addresses remain a critical component for network growth according to the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN). To obtain IPv4 addresses, many organizations are now turning to private markets where brokerage firms have identified sellers among the thousands of address holders.

One such broker is Hilco Streambank, the operator of Just recently, Hilco Streambank announced its exclusivity to offer the internal and unused IPv4 addresses of RadioShack® to the public market. As of right now, there are more than 32,000 unique addresses that will be listed on in block sizes ranging from /24-/20 subnets.

Back in 2015, Hilco Streambank sold RadioShack Corporation’s intellectual property to General Wireless IP Holdings LLC (GWIP), which is an affiliate of General Wireless Operations Inc., d/b/a RadioShack or “the Company.” The sale included patents, trademarks, customer databases, domains and IPv4 addresses. In March 2017, the Company and some of its affiliates filed for bankruptcy protection and now Hilco Streambank is marketing the Company’s IPv4 addresses apart from the other intangible assets in its collection. The assets have been pre-approved by the bankruptcy court for sale.

“Bankruptcies reveal the full breadth a company’s assets, including IP addresses that enable our increasingly connected digital world,” stated Gabe Fried, CEO of Hilco Streambank, about the announcement. “Hilco Streambank has a long history as a trusted advisor to companies divesting assets in bankruptcy and is uniquely positioned through our platform to monetize these addresses. Recovering value for creditors while helping to alleviate the scarcity in the IP address market is a win for everyone involved.” offers a simple platform that companies can use to buy or sell IP address blocks in all sizes, and from all regions. The site also offers real-time market intelligence, including going rates for IP addresses, comparable sales pricing, and tips for effectively checking and managing IPv4 address blocks.

Hilco Streambank also is a top intermediary for privately negotiated transactions of larger address blocks ranging from /16s to entire class A offerings.

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