Web-scale and content providers’ need for higher capacity, greater reach and more network flexibility will require that subsea cable providers push the boundaries of technology on its networks, extend existing systems and build new cable routes.

One company that has emerged as an industry leader in this regard is Aqua Comms DAC (“Aqua Comms”), the operator of Ireland’s first dedicated subsea fiber optic network interconnecting London, Dublin and New York. The company recently won Capacity Media’s 2017 Global Carrier Award in the ‘Project of the Year — Subsea Networks’ category.

Aqua Comms received the award for the vision, excellence and innovation it displayed throughout its partnership with Epsilon, bringing on-demand connectivity and European route diversity to the colocation campus of New Jersey Fiber Exchange (NJFX).

“It is a great honor to receive the 2017 Global Carrier Award for Project of the Year in the Subsea Networks category,” stated Nigel Bayliff, Chief Executive Officer of Aqua Comms. “This recognition not only demonstrates Aqua Comms’ leadership in providing advanced subsea connectivity, but underscores our ongoing commitment to leverage innovation and strategic partnerships to deliver service excellence to our customers.”

The 2017 Global Carrier award caps a year of major milestones for Aqua Comms, as the company expanded its network and currently has more builds in development. The award-winning partnership with Epsilon allows Aqua Comms’ customers to benefit from interconnecting with NJFX’s ecosystem of network operators, global carriers, cloud providers, enterprises and internet exchanges. By creating a Point of Presence (PoP) in the NJFX colocation campus, combined with the deployment of Epsilon’s connectivity platform, the company can also allow customers to further diversify and plan their international connections with greater accuracy, eliminating any uncertainty during transport.

Aqua Comms also recently formed a strategic alliance with Seaborn Networks (“Seaborn”). Aqua Comms is interconnecting its America-Europe Connect (“AEConnect”) cable system with Seaborn’s Seabras-1 undersea cable for a new, next-generation subsea route that will run between São Paulo and London.

“The need for international capacity has increased exponentially, driving unprecedented demand for newer and more advanced subsea cable systems,” stated Andy Hudson, Chief Networks Officer, Aqua Comms. “At Aqua Comms, we have taken it upon ourselves to meet this growing demand with innovative subsea fibre deployments and expansion of available capacity on our existing networks.”

What’s more, Aqua Comms has begun to develop CeltixConnect-2 which is a diverse, high capacity subsea cable system that will traverse the Irish Sea from Manchester to Dublin and the Isle of Man.  CeltixConnect-2 is a resilient system that was designed to complement Aqua Comms’ existing Irish Sea subsea cable network, CeltixConnect-1.  Aqua Comms is also in the preliminary stages of development for North Sea Connect, the first modern, high capacity subsea cable system crossing the North Sea from the North East UK to Denmark.

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