Global network carriers, content providers and data center operators all came to Denver for two days of panel discussions on subjects such as the future of data networking, data center growth and mobile content delivery.

The keynote speech started with an introduction from Bode Francis, Manager of Global Edge Operations at Google. Bode reminded the audience that computing over the past 20 years has evolved with its greatest influence being cloud consumption. Applications today, whether for entertainment, media or business, have shifted to a cloud consumption model. End users, on either a fixed or mobile device, have come to expect a high level of service and availability without any regard to how it is delivered. Yet, on the backend, most content providers are supporting this with some form of cloud to maintain these high service expectations of consumers.

Additional speakers, including Jack Waters, President of Zayo Fiber Solutions, Dennis Elwell, Group VP of Verizon Partner Solutions, and Phill Lawson-Shanks, Chief Architect and VP of Innovation at EdgeConnex®, all added their views on the continued growth of data and why this will have exponential impacts on data networks and data centers. Audience attendees were reminded that mobile growth is rising at a much faster rate than the general internet, 53% vs 40% CAGR by 2020.  As of July 2017, internet access by desktop has reduced to 41%, and mobile access has grown to 59%. These ratios will only continue to increase for mobile.

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