Sabey Data CentersNew York, May 11, 2015 –  Sabey Data Centers announced today that it has received its certification to participate in Open-IX the independent and self-regulated  organization that fosters the development of critical data center interconnection and Internet exchange technical and operating standards.

Founded in 2013, Open-IX promotes uniform specifications for data transfer and physical connectivity; creates resiliency to improve reliability; and certifies Internet exchanges and data centers that meet its community developed standards.  Its membership consists of data center operators, Internet exchanges (IXPs) and Internet service providers (ISPs), as well as end users.

Open-IX exchange operators agree to rules that ensure neutrality and add consistency to exchange pricing.  The organization also endorses data center providers that its certified exchange operators are encouraged to use.

John Sabey, President of Sabey Data Centers, said, “We believe that Open-IX levels the playing field and encourages competition among data center providers.  The Open-IX model creates neutral, member-governed exchanges that allow participants to trade traffic.  Open-IX spreads exchange operations across multiple data centers in a market.  This allows users and carriers the ability to connect and peer traffic not only in New York City but across the United States and Europe and to potentially avoid legacy building risks and expense.”

Open-IX includes as members the DE-CIX and the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), both of which have points of presence at Sabey’s Intergate.Manhattan data center in lower Manhattan.

DE-CIX launched a point-of-presence (POP) of its DE-CIX Apollon interconnection platform within Intergate.Manhattan in 2014.  DE-CIX’s Apollon platform provides the infrastructure for direct and settlement-free IP interconnection among Internet service providers (ISPs), known as peering.

Sabey’s proprietary IGX fiber network provides DE-CIX with two redundant links on diverse routes to connect 375 Pearl Street and DE-CIX at 111 Eighth Avenue and 60 Hudson Street. The new DE-CIX POP allows all Sabey tenants to take advantage of DE-CIX’s Ethernet interconnection options.

AMS-IX launched its point-of-presence at Intergate.Manhattan in 2014.  AMS-IX New York is a neutral Internet exchange, offering high quality IP peering and interconnectivity services in the New York/New Jersey area.  AMS-IX New York is built according to AMS-IX’s successful and proven European business model, and spans several locations.

“DE-CIX is pleased to have infrastructure deployed at Sabey’s Intergate.Manhattan facility,” stated Frank Orlowski, CMO at DE-CIX. “They offer excellent data centers and facilities. More important, Sabey also offers great support and response times, which is critical for networks that want to quickly establish and deploy peering relationships.”

About Sabey Data Centers

With a portfolio of more than three million square feet of mission critical space, Sabey Data Center Properties is one of the oldest and largest privately owned multi-tenant data center owner/developer/ operators in the United States.  Sabey specializes in scalable, custom-built solutions including data center ready shell space and fully turnkey data centers managed by Sabey’s award-winning critical environment operations team.  Consistently recognized for its reputation for operational excellence through its world-class data centers and sustained uptime, Sabey boasts one of the most sterling tenant rosters in the industry.