EdgeConneXHigher customer retention ratings. Improved end-user performance. Lower network costs. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can receive all of these benefits by using an Edge Data Center® (EDC) from EdgeConneX® to establish connectivity with content providers, as is shown in a new white paper from independent performance measurement firm SamKnows.

SamKnows used a network of 6,500 Whiteboxes — distributed across the U.S. on behalf of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) — to produce an independent study on the benefits that ISPs can gain by connecting to content providers through a localized EdgeConneX facility. SamKnows measured the broadband performance in two ways: first, with EdgeConneX infrastructure and secondly, with traditional, non-localized infrastructure.  In the first case, two different EdgeConneX deployments — one a Norfolk, Virginia-based search engine and the other a San Diego-based, Akamai-hosted e-commerce website — were used.

Here’s what SamKnows concluded:

Content localized in EDC facilities produced significantly faster page load times for end-users in metro areas. Search engine performance improved by an average of 14.6 percent, while page load times increased by an average of 9.2 percent for the e-commerce website.  SamKnows also found that using an EDC facility can result in a 1 percent improvement in sales for an e-commerce website.  What’s more, using the EdgeConneX platform can improve business web performance by as much as 65 percent due to shorter and more reliable network paths, more secure data delivery and reduced latency.

As  EdgeConneX Chief Commercial Officer Clint Heiden noted following the release of the white paper, ISPs and content providers alike should heed the findings from SamKnows.

“If your ISP isn’t using EdgeConneX, it’s likely that your Internet is slower and less secure than it needs to be,” he said.

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