Server Farm RealtyBitcoin is a decentralized, digital currency that has been gaining traction as an alternative payment option for companies that operate and deliver services and solutions via Internet.  In order to pay with bitcoin, companies are required to have an address, or ‘safety deposit box’, for the digital currency.  In order to access the bitcoins, each company must also have a unique, digital ‘private’ key that it leverages to sign a message indicating the input, amount and output address as well as the designated recipient.  Then, the bitcoin wallet distributes the payment via a third-party provider who measures and verifies it, decoding the message to complete the transaction.  Bitcoin exchanges and secure transaction engines such as BitPay and Coinbase help merchants accept and manage this digital currency.  Major companies such as PayPal,, eBay,, and Reddit have announced acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment option.  Now, the practice has also extended to the data center industry. 

Server Farm Realty LLC (SFR), a leading innovative data center developer, recently announced that it will be among the first data center operators to accept and receive Bitcoin digital payments for its Data Center, Colocation and Managed Service solutions.  SFR operates a 136,000 sq. ft. data center facility in Moses Lake, E. Washington.  Titan is a site that caters to the needs of bitcoin mining operations thanks to affordable power options and high-density space.

Server Farm Realty’s data centers span the United States and Canada, with major facilities in key markets including Santa Clara, CA; Chicago, IL; Moses Lake, E. Washington; Toronto, ON; Charlotte NC; and beyond.  Adding bitcoin as alternative payment option is just another way Server Farm is differentiating itself amongst competitors and making it easier for clients to work with the organization.

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