Analysts are now looking ahead and trying to predict where Ireland’s burgeoning data hosting industry is headed.

To that end, Host In Ireland has released a new report in conjunction with Bitpower titled “Ireland’s Data Hosting Industry 2017.” The study, which was partially funded by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), closely examines the numerous challenges and opportunities that are being created in Ireland’s digital asset hosting industry.

This comprehensive report focuses on large, purpose-built data centers that are over 1MW in size. This includes hyperscale, wholesale and colocation data centers as well as private facilities.

Of note is the fact that in 2016, hyperscale data centers made up 75 percent of Ireland’s total digital hosting capacity. And €71 billion of ICT services were exported including products and services hosted in its data centers. Based on this data, it’s clear that Ireland remains a leading “Digital Gateway to EMEA for Global Commerce.”

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