Originally Posted by: Mary Stanhope, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Global Capacity

America’s largest companies have been expanding overseas for years, but now smaller companies are getting into the act.  According to a recent CFO Research survey, 83 percent of SMBs now consider global expansion a priority.  With networks being the backbone of today’s businesses, establishing reliable connectivity for overseas offices is critically important—but rarely easy. Challenges can include limited knowledge of the local communications market, differences in regulations, currency fluctuation and language barriers for qualification, delivery and support.

How can companies mitigate the challenges to global WAN connectivity?

Knowledge of the marketglobal wan

The majority of companies cannot boast an expert understanding of every global market where they need to buy WAN connectivity. The world is too big and access networks are too complex.

It is difficult to find information about connectivity to international locations.  Making the wrong choice of provider or service, however, can be costly and perhaps even business impacting.

What provider has connectivity to the location?

Is it a diverse route?

Is the price competitive?

When can it be installed?


Global Capacity’s One Marketplace interconnected network platform offers a seamlessly managed global network of access services across hundreds of countries worldwide. Its cloud-based application with real-time design, pricing and ordering capabilities simplifies how companies consume network resources.

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