Telecom Newsroom interview with Brian Price, CEO and Co-Founder of

Brian Price is CEO and Co-Founder of, an innovative software company that provides a multi-cloud governance solution to make cloud account management, budget enforcement, and continuous compliance simpler for public and private sector organizations of all sizes. Leveraging a team of experts with extensive backgrounds in security, software development, DevOps and cloud engineering, specializes in designing cloud solutions that help customers get the most value from their cloud experience. The company serves leading government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, National Institutes of Health (NIH), NASA, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as commercial enterprises that have a large cloud presence. 

At the company, Brian leads the strategy to achieve the mission of fully automating the end-to-end cloud lifecycle. Before Co-Founding the company, Brian held technical and leadership roles at a range of companies, including both startups and Fortune 500. In the past, Brian has built software and led software teams at several industry leaders, including Northrop Grumman, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Jacobs Engineering. 

Telecom Newsroom recently had the opportunity to speak with Brian about the company, about how it supports digital transformation and about industry trends.

Telecom Newsroom, Questions (TNR-Q): Can you tell us more about what does?

Brian Price,, Answer (BP-A) At, our mission is to make people’s lives easier in the cloud. We’ve built, a multi-cloud governance solution, to make cloud account management, financial management, budget enforcement and continuous compliance simpler for public sector and commercial organizations of all sizes.

TNR-Q: What is the one thing that differentiates within the industry?

BP-A: In the cloud governance and management space, uniquely meets the needs of all cloud consumers in an organization — from cloud users to cloud operations leaders to the C-suite. Our solution does this in two ways: 1) By giving cloud users native access to the cloud through our interface and giving organization stakeholders centralized visibility into cloud operations through our dashboards and reporting. 2) By delivering governance capabilities across the entire enterprise cloud lifecycle to automate cloud provisioning, control cloud budgets and continuously monitor and enforce security. Traditionally, organizations were required to purchase multiple tools to do what offers in a single, unified solution.

TNR-Q: How do you define digital transformation, and what is doing to help enterprise businesses adapt more effectively?

BP-A: At, we define digital transformation as using a technology-first approach to offer a product or service to customers. Today, companies are redefining traditional services like banking, real estate and healthcare to be available completely through technology. This gives their customers easier ways to buy and engage and provides the company with better ways to analyze and support. Over the past decade, public cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft have offered enterprise businesses the quickest way to adopt modern technology into their service offerings through the availability and ease of access to hundreds of cloud services. We support these businesses by helping them realize the full benefits of the cloud. provides a multi-cloud governance solution that helps an organization focus on their core business and worry less about managing their cloud environment as it scales. This reduces the time they spend performing manual tasks or being reactive to spending or security emergencies and allows them to improve their employees’ experience in using the cloud to create the next innovative digital product or service.

TNR-Q: Based on your experience and industry knowledge, what are you seeing enterprise businesses doing with technology that is a ‘waste of time’?

BP-A:The public cloud is a transformative technology and has to be looked at as more than just a place or provider. The public cloud is a way of building and supporting applications. We find a lot of organizations still think “moving to the cloud” is simply lifting and shifting applications that previously ran in a traditional data center on physical or virtual servers and moving them to Amazon EC2 or Azure VMs. While this can be the easiest approach to meet a cloud mandate from the company’s board, an enterprise business will never see the time savings, cost savings or other full benefits of the cloud without re-platforming or re-architecting these applications during this move. Organizations must focus on the advantages offered by automation: almost everything in the public cloud can be invoked via API, as well as higher-level managed services like AI/ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning), to unlock the innovation potential possible within their organization.

TNR-Q: What products or services are you most excited to share with the enterprise community at the ONUG Digital Live Fall event?

BP-A: We are excited to share our multi-cloud governance solution,, with the ONUG community, given their focus on automated cloud governance. has been in development for over 4 years, and today some of the largest government and commercial organizations like NASA, DHS, Verizon and Indeed use our product to control cloud budgets, automate cloud provisioning and continuously monitor and enforce security. We are excited to meet attendees to learn more about their challenges managing and governing their cloud environments and share steps they can take to optimize their cloud environments.

TNR-Q: Thanks so much for taking the time to share these insights, Brian. To learn more about, please visit or follow the company on Twitter @tamethecloud.