solving-the-need-for-flexible-and-agile-transatlantic-connectivityThe last thing an enterprise needs is to get locked into a costly, long-distance subsea connectivity service. Flexibility and agility is critical for success, as multinational businesses experience varying levels of network traffic.

Megaport (USA) Inc, the subsidiary of Megaport Limited and a global leading provider of Elastic Interconnection Services, has partnered with Aqua Comms DAC, Ireland’s first dedicated subsea fiber optic network provider interconnecting New York, London and Dublin. The first phase of this new partnership will give Megaport’s enterprise customers access to Aqua Comms’ America-Europe Connect (AEConnect) system, enabling elastic interconnection to its transatlantic subsea network using Megaport’s global Software Defined Network (SDN).

For Megaport customers, this means direct access to agile and flexible infrastructure, allowing them to rapidly provision services, including direct cloud connections and two-way, Point to Point transport between the U.S. and Europe for multi-cloud, multi-region and hybrid cloud architectures. Customers will also be able to consume elastic bandwidth on the Aqua Comms system, which will enable them to pay for what they use and adjust as business demands fluctuate. Megaport will be ready for service in early December 2016.

“We’re excited to partner with Megaport and enable its enterprise customers to rapidly connect their network to other services and data centres across the world via elastic interconnection to AEConnect,” stated Aqua Comms CEO Nigel Bayliff about the agreement.  “We’re confident that this initial pact is a precursor to many successful alliances between our companies in the near future.”

Megaport CEO Denver Maddux spoke about how his company’s partnership with Aqua Comms is a game-changer.

“Megaport enables enterprises to utilise Aqua Comms’ subsea capacity in a way that they haven’t been able to before,” Maddux explained. “Enterprises can now directly connect to public cloud providers outside of their own region, on-demand. This opens the door for new use cases and better economics as IT architecture moves towards multi-region, multi-cloud deployments. Directly connecting at the capacity your business needs between regional public and private cloud infrastructure enables redundancy, improved security, and, in general, better performance for cloud-based applications. As a leading provider of transatlantic bandwidth, Aqua Comms is the perfect partner to bring new service offerings to our mutual customers and ties in nicely with our market launch in Europe. It’s so great to be working with such an excellent group of people that provide critical connectivity services.”

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