Originally posted by: Mary Stanhope, Vice President of Marketing at Global Capacity

Global CapacityThe IT organization as we know it is changing, with more businesses fostering a Cloud-first strategy and moving their mission-critical IT assets off premise to third-party data centers and colocation facilities. Research from IDC indicates that more than 65% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud technologies before 2016, vastly driving the rate and pace of change in IT organizations. This momentum will continue to mount in 2017, when 60% of the data center-based IT assets that companies rely on to conduct business and deliver services will be in colocation, hosting and cloud data centers according to IDC.

I caught up with our own Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Brandon Pemberton, shortly after he returned from this year’s Fall’s COMPTEL PLUS where he presented aBrandon Pembertonsession titled, “Simplifying Cloud Connectivity for Enterprises and SMBs.” Brandon shared some of his top takeaways and key messages from the event with me.

“This Cloud session was a great opportunity for the very smart hardware venders and service provider operators in attendance to learn from each other’s experiences,” noted Brandon. “It was rewarding to facilitate the conversation while brining awareness of how a network of networks like Global Capacity’s One Marketplace is solving these challenges. It got heads nodding.”

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