host in ireland 1Something important will take place in New York on the 19th of May, Gary Connolly Partner @ is leading an important project for Ireland and he has accepted to talk to us today in his initiative leader & Host In Ireland President capacity. Interestingly enough I meet him in Dublin but Gary could not think about a better place for the launch of his initiative than NY the other Irish Capital City.

IEN: You keep referring to the 5 PS what is it?
The Host in Ireland initiative is sustained by the ‘5 Ps’, or five key benefits sought by companies requiring digital asset hosting:
1. Power: Affordable power with a focus on renewable energy;
2. Pipes: Global connectivity to Europe and the Americas combined with high bandwidth capacity and redundancy;
3. People: A talented workforce that comes from a culture that puts people first.
4. Pedigree: Credibility. Ireland has been home to the digital assets of leading global, gaming, cloud, finance and e-commerce companies for well over five decades; and
5. Policy: A pro-business policy and necessary security that regulated industries require with tax benefits.

IEN: The power of collective is a big component of the initiative. Why?
GC: With two components of the collective being our Host in Ireland sponsors and the ‘5 Ps’, this collaboration aims to demonstrate the advantages of Ireland within the digital asset hosting ecosystem, and why it should remain top-of-mind for companies discussing the strategic expansion of their global footprint as well as accessing and storing their digital assets more securely and reliably. Our sponsors enable businesses in the content delivery, financial, healthcare and professional services sectors to take advantage of all the benefits Ireland has to offer.

IEN: Why are you targeting the U.S. in particular and not Asia, for example?
GC: We already have established relationships with many large U.S. companies that have maintained a presence in Ireland for decades. What the Host in Ireland initiative aims to achieve is furthering awareness by leveraging the incredible benefits Ireland has to offer. Utilizing the strong credibility and rapport we have built with these large companies, we as a country are opening up opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to host their assets in the EMEA region. Ireland is the optimum hosting location for companies who wish to explore an EMEA hosting strategy, but until now have not realized the potential of hosting in Ireland.

IEN: What is on Host in Ireland’s horizon for the next 12 months & a final word?
GC: The goal of Host in Ireland is simply to become part of the conversation. We’re looking to build awareness and credibility among U.S. companies to the point where we are included in all conversations regarding strategic growth initiatives. The grass is greener here in Ireland, and we are on a mission to make sure everyone is well aware.

Interview & Editing By Pascal Derrien