SquanIn order to ensure success, leaders must look toward the future, anticipating new trends and innovations in order to effectively train their workforce today, and tomorrow. These initiatives are especially critical within the technology sector, specifically the wireless space, which is a powerful economic driver and arguably one of the fastest evolving sectors in the world. According to Statista, the wireless industry has a projected growth rate of six percent each year following 2015, reaching 7.49 percent in 2018.

In an effort to prepare the new wireless workforce to safely, effectively and efficiently build, upgrade, maintain, and operate wireless infrastructure, Squan recently attended the Wireless Industry Workforce Development Summit held at the White House. Squan CEO Leighton Carroll was invited to participate in this summit alongside the nation’s key stakeholders from the wireless industry, higher education institutions and the Federal government. This collaborative movement was developed to set the direction for advanced training, apprenticeship and diversity efforts necessary to meet workforce needs within the wireless industry both now and in the future.

The group is currently collaborating to support and facilitate continued growth of the wireless workforce through the development of new programs that bring returning veterans and other skilled workers into the wireless workforce, as well as improve overall wireless workforce safety.

If you’re interested in learning more about Squan’s involvement in the Wireless Workforce Development Summit, please view the full release here.

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