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cloud-1Garry Connolly is president of Host in Ireland, an organization dedicated to promoting Ireland as an optimum location to host digital assets. I spoke with him about what makes the country stand out from the crowd. We also talked about how Irish customers stand to benefit from Equinix’s recent acquisition of TelecityGroup.

What are the key benefits of choosing Ireland as a data hosting location?

At Host in Ireland, we have been saying for many years that the growth in our hosting industry is due to Ireland’s unique blend of features – namely, the “5 Ps” (policies, pedigree, people, power and pipes).

Of course, power and pipes are a given in any location that wants to be seen as a world-class location for hosting. In Ireland, the two North America fiber cables installed in 2015 reinforce Ireland’s commitment to renewable energy.

But what is driving our sustainable growth and makes us different is our policies, pedigree and people. We are one of only two nations in Europe with both a data protection commissioner and a minister for data protection. We enjoy political stability, have favorable corporation tax structures and an outstanding data protection commissioner, Helen Dixon. Add to that the fact that data is written into the DNA of Ireland – ever since IBM came here in 1956 – and we serve as a very attractive location.

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