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Looking ahead, Start Campus, an innovator in site selection, design, and building 100% green energy ecosystems, will be bringing scale to sustainability in order to meet the growing regulatory and capital market requirements for the global digital economy. The company delivers proof-of-concept confidence for the Green Giant hub-and-spoke data ecosystem architecture of the future. 

Start Campus recently recapped the success of its SINES Project, a 495 MW hyperscale data center campus. The company’s campus will be completed in 2023 with an RFS date set for Q3 of that year.

The company’s steel work on the SINES Project site, located about 150 km from Lisbon, is nearing completion. Once built, the campus will be one of the largest hyperscale data center ecosystems, powered by 100% green energy in a location that positions Portugal as a connectivity hub. By providing access via Transatlantic cable landings and terrestrial connectivity bridging, the locale will benefit from key hubs in Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Start Campus has had a memorable 2022, kicking off with the construction of The SINES Project launch in April 2022, just one year after the announcement of the project. In October 2022, Start Campus announced that it had joined the iMasons Climate Accord (ICA), a pledge to battle climate change by reducing data center carbon output, with the goal to have carbon-free operations by 2025 and fully carbon-free by 2028. Start Campus is committed to becoming carbon-free and the facilities at the SINES Project will aid in this goal. The spaces create their own energy, protect the environment, and are not a strain on the local community’s energy grid.

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