webairlogo_600x150The process of migrating, installing, configuring and managing SAP Cloud applications and infrastructure just got a lot easier thanks to the new SAP Private Cloud Hosting service from Webair.

This new hosted service combines Webair’s end-to-end managed infrastructure and data center expertise with robust software and applications management from HMS Technology Group LLC, a global business solutions and enterprise provider.  In addition to streamlining the migration process, including hardware installation and software configuration, SAP Private Cloud Hosting provides a secure, scalable and effective managed hosting solution, as well as licensing and application support, and post-migration network optimization.

As Webair Chief Technical Officer Sagi Brody explained after the announcement, the launch of SAP Private Cloud Hosting allows Webair to take complete ownership and responsibility for all layers of its customers’ SAP infrastructures, thus providing a more robust service.  Customers will receive enterprise-grade hardware, access to expert staff and full stack monitoring and management across all layers of the network—from the bare metal to the application layer.

In addition to consolidating accountability into a single provider, enterprises will also benefit from advanced insight into daily network operations.

“By deploying Webair’s SAP Cloud Hosting solution, enterprises become empowered to gain real-time insight into operations and key stakeholders to make intelligent business decisions, faster,” explained Brody.

Facilitating these intelligent business decisions is the addition of the SAP HANA application server, which allows for real-time analytics, reduced transactional speeds and lower storage costs.  Customers will also benefit from SAP HANA’s predictive analytics component, and series and spatial data processing.

SAP Private Cloud Hosting can also be integrated with Webair’s Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service and Hybrid Cloud services, which include Private and Public Cloud, Managed Backups, tiered Cloud Storage and Colocation.

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