Many connectivity providers today are struggling with a lack of real-time visibility into their network assets, which makes driving wholesale market participation difficult.

One company that no longer must face this challenge is Stratus Networks, Inc., a provider of data, voice and Internet services. The company recently started working with Connected2Fiber and will implement The Connected World, the company’s go-to-market SaaS platform. Stratus Networks is now also using the Building List Manager, which is an automated software module that allows the company to easily create and distribute OnNet and NearNet building lists.

By implementing The Connected World, Stratus Networks gained the ability to visualize all of their network assets, in real time, using market data that can be easily updated, analyzed, tracked and distributed. The Connected World has accelerated their sales cycle and has allowed them to stay ahead of the competition.

“We are excited at having partnered with Connected2Fiber,” stated Kevin Morgan, Vice President of Sales for Stratus Networks. “The implementation of their platform has allowed us to create, design and program OnNet and NearNet building lists to be distributed in customer-preferred formats, a process that has increased our participation in the market with carriers, service providers and channel partners needing access to our reach.”

Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber, also commented on the partnership.

“Connected2Fiber believes that location matters and is essential in assisting network owners and operators drive revenue,” Mr. Edmond explained. “We help the world’s leading connectivity providers achieve higher return on sales and marketing investments by providing enhanced transparency, speed and effectiveness of business transactions.”

The Connected World is the connectivity industry’s first market acceleration platform that helps network operators see and manage their assets with location intelligence. It enables OnNet and NearNet location management as well as interconnection, route tracking and building list automation right from a visual, automated toolset that was purpose-built for the connectivity industry.

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