WAN architectures are very complex. Businesses today face many challenges when building and managing complex hybrid WAN architectures, like difficulty in load sharing traffic across a mix of access connections, complex, static and manual network configurations that make it difficult to map to business-centric requirements and a lack of application visibility and control over connections.

Fortunately, these challenges can be streamlined by working with a connectivity as a service provider like Global Capacity. Global Capacity recently partnered with VeloCloud Networks, Inc., a cloud-delivered SD WAN and industry-leading SD-WAN technology provider. The new partnership is part of Global Capacity’s strategy to expand its global enterprise networking portfolio with software-defined services.

Global Capacity’s new SD-WAN services will provide an enhanced network experience by resolving some of the common WAN problems businesses face when building and managing complex Hybrid WAN architectures. What’s more, they will allow businesses to efficiently send and receive data over their WAN by first choosing the right access types based on the performance needs of individual locations and applications, and then defining unique policies to automatically prioritize traffic. This enables enterprises to make better use of bandwidth to enhance performance and the overall user experience.

Global Capacity has designed a unique managed SD-WAN service that unifies network management over multiple disparate network technologies – Ethernet, MPLS, Broadband, LTE – whether these are provided over the Global Capacity network, a competing network or a hybrid of the two. This strategy creates a more agile and responsive Hybrid WAN with a simple plan to implement and migrate from an existing network architecture.

“VeloCloud is excited to partner with Global Capacity to add the unique and truly multi-tenant VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN architecture to Global Capacity’s Hybrid network expertise,” stated Sanjay Uppal, CEO and Co-Founder of VeloCloud. “The Global Capacity One Marketplace platform is purpose-built to deliver simple, cost-effective and high-performance Hybrid networks that connect enterprises to key cloud destinations. Global Capacity’s use of VeloCloud to further expand their provider neutral model of managing any combination of their services or their competitors is truly innovative.”

Global Capacity Senior Vice President Product Chris Alberding also spoke about the announcement.

“Global Capacity’s selection of VeloCloud was based on a unique set of differentiated advantages that enhance our One Marketplace model by enabling us to further optimize application performance and reliably deliver a variety of services over any combination of network access technology,” Alberding stated. “As SD-WAN services increase in deployment, the demand for Hybrid Networks grows along with it. As such, the need to manage multiple suppliers with diverse technologies across various cities enabling a robust hybrid network experience is necessary. The combination is a compelling value proposition to any Enterprise regardless of the industry.”

Global Capacity’s SD-WAN solution is now being offered to select customers on a rolling basis. It will be released to the general market by the end of 2Q17.

To read more about Global Capacity’s managed SD-WAN solution, click here. Or, to speak with a network specialist, click here.