SR-P7000 Version 1.1 Features New Advanced Analytics, Traffic Monitoring Tools and Real-time Alerts for Minimizing Carrier Revenue Loss

CHICAGO, Ill. – ITW – May 11, 2015 – SwitchRay, a leading provider of VoIP softswitch solutions for retail and wholesale carriers, ISPs, wireline and wireless network operators, today announced the immediate availability of its SR-P7000 v1.1 PBX fraud protection software solution. Unlike other solutions, the SR-P7000 v1.1 is independent and seamlessly compatible with any softswitch to better protect carriers from revenue loss caused by a wide variety of fraud, hacking and informational security breaches.

Carrier revenue loss due to various fraud methods continues to be a major industry problem.  In 2013, total global revenue loss was a $46.3B (USD), a 15 percent increase compared to 2011. Subscription fraud accounted for $5.22B in lost revenue, followed by PBX hacking ($4.42B), identity theft and VoIP hacking (both $3.62B), and dealer fraud at $3.35B (survey: Communications Fraud Control Association).

The SR-P7000 v1.1 provides real-time sniffing capabilities and alerts that empower operators to respond immediately to client IP-PBX hacking. Using dual sniffing points, operators can define suspicious instances as either a hacked third-party IP-PBX, or VPBX on their own softswitch.  The SR-P7000 v1.1 also analyzes traffic flow patterns through an operator’s network to further detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

The SR-P7000 v1.1 features several new improvements, including:

Easier Setup and Better System Configuration

An improved Web interface now makes it easier for administrators to set up and adjust system management settings, including various interfaces to monitor traffic, the configuration of fraud alerts, and the number of simultaneous connections to the database. New customer profiles can also now be automatically created using A-numbers and/or IP client addresses.

Improved Analytics Tools

New statistical tools provide quick access to a more detailed history of fraud incidents. The tools also provide the ability to export and analyze large amounts of fraudulent call activity by day, week, or month and to identify sources that are most susceptible to hacking.

New Global Statistics Dashboard

Elegant visual graphs allow softswitch administrators to more easily monitor suspicious call activity in real-time and by hour, day, month, long distance, premium numbers, and/or auto-dial.  (Previously, administrators viewed a list of data).  Administrators can also monitor the status of open network interfaces and the number of licenses deployed.

New Real-time Alerts

In addition to email, the SR-P7000 now includes two more ways for fraud alerts to be sent via:  1) SNMP trap to any EMS system, and 2) SMS message to the administrator’s mobile phone.  This improves the ability of the operator to respond immediately to a client IP-PBX hacking.  For a complete list of the SR-P7000 v1.1 features, please click here.

The SR-P7000 v1.1 also protects the newest SR-S5000 Class 5 Softswitch v1.9, which itself also has improved fraud monitoring.  The SR-S5000 v1.9 allows finer-grained levels of admin role management so that departmental and user administration can be assigned to local power users instead of the system admin.  This improves fraud, hacking and informational security breach monitoring without sacrificing security.  For a complete list of the SR-S5000 v1.9 features, please click here.

“The fact that we already have six customers piloting SR-P7000 v1.1 demonstrates a clear need for its new features,” remarked Steve Petilli, president & CEO of SwitchRay, Inc. “We have one of the most robust PBX protection solutions on the market that is helping to significantly reduce carrier revenue loss.”

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