Syntropy, rethinking the internet for everyone by improving performance and security, introduces its new website. The website provides high-level transparency of the company’s services, what technology is implemented, and breaks down why the services are critical for any user to deploy when navigating the web. 

Syntropy’s new website helps users dive into the new technology and even shows what’s happening live in action. The company showcases an interactive DARP network and routing page for users to experience the technology themselves. The platform also helps both developers and non-tech users understand the importance of Syntropy’s innovative technology in their new F.A.Q. page, explaining their new services, what technology they use within their services, how to utilize their NOIA Tokens, and more.

Syntropy’s technology continuously improves security and performance of the internet.  Just recently, Syntropy’s team completed the first round of testing with Starlink. Syntropy’s tech team has been testing Syntropy technology with Starlink’s low-earth orbit satellites, working to answer the question: could Syntropy’s smart-routing technology reduce latency and improve performance using Starlink’s network? Overall, Syntropy came to the conclusion that with an increasing amount of validating data, this could become a solid real-world use case for their technology. They are currently pursuing this opportunity and will continue to generate more testing data, updating us as this opportunity advances.

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